Alison (amethystwind) wrote,

Because all of the cool kids are doing it and I forgot to add things to it last year, I'm going to do the 100 movies challenge and just see if I can watch 100 movies that I haven't seen before. Which I will probably do soon enough because I watch a RIDICULOUS amount of movies. anyway, feel free to ignore.

1. Elf
2. Water Lilies
3. Hamlet 2
4. Fargo
5. Slumdog Millionaire
6. Reservoir Dogs
7. Frost/Nixon
8. Billy Elliot
9. Art School Confidential
10. Videodrome
11. Dear Wendy
12. 2:37
13: St. Trinians
14. Sleeper
15. Priceless
16. He Died with a Felafel in His Hand
17. Like Minds
18. Rachel Getting Married
19. Doubt
20. 300
21. Revolutionary Road
22. Boogie Nights
23. Living in Oblivion
24. Bigga Than Ben
25. The Go-Getter
26. Snow Angels
27. Oldboy
28. Bowling for Columbine
29. Tropic Thunder
30. The Cell
31. The Watchmen
32. Choke
33. Wristcutters: A Love Story
34. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
35. The Reader
36. Prince Caspian
37. The Spirit
38. Twilight
39. Waltz with Bashir
40. 50 Pills
41. When in Rome
42. Spiderman 3
43. Planet Terror
44. The Invisible
45. The Savages
46. Easy Virtue
47. Zach and Miri Make a Porno
48. Marnie
49. Bloody Mary
50. Baby Mama
51. Southland Tale
52. Cape Fear
53. Good Dick
54. Sugar
55. Sheitan
56. We Own the Night
57. He's Just Not That Into You
58. The Brothers Bloom
Tags: 100 movies
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Can I gank this and do it too?
I don't know if you're cool enough, Lauren :P

By which I mean go for it
anybody who has even heard of water lilies is amazingly cool.
wanna be friends? :]
It is a wonderful movie. More people should know about it. And since you have Eef Barzelay lyrics and Mister Lonely quotes, I can't really say no :P I shall add you now.

Out of curiosity, how did you find my journal?
i searched for people who were interested in gus van sant.
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